House did not sell?

Frustrated with the process?

We’ve noticed that your home is off your local multiple listing.

I have sold many homes that other brokers could not sell or

they simply gave up trying.


We specialize in working with out of town sellers just like yourselves.  We have resources to help make the sale of this home easier for YOU. Ask us about Home Services, Property Investment Profile, Market Tracker, and many more systems we have in place that makes all the difference! If you don’t love our service, we’ll give the listing back to you.

Here are a few examples:  

15370 SW 100th Ave, Tigard, previously listed with

Portland Creative Realtors for 92 days.

Listed and sold by Nathan Jones in 8 days.


5409 SE 99th, Portland, previously listed with

Turner Properties for 83 days.

Listed and sold by Nathan Jones in 19 days.


13150 SE Salmon, Portland previously listed with

Wayne Lindquist & Associates for 85 days.

Listed and sold in 20 days by Nathan Jones.

Together with my creative, active marketing plan and professional team we work everyday to get your home SOLD. To schedule a 15 minute phone conference, please call 503-684-2155. Call me today! The sooner you call me the sooner your home gets sold!

Keep reading below to find out just a few good reasons why you should call us.


Nathan Jones



Yvonne Troutman  (503) 995-6556


Ed Albazzaz 1837 Manchester Court, West Linn, Oregon (503) 860-4433


Jacqueline Mroczkeiwicz (503) 538-3199


Colleen Corso (503) 534-3590


Anne Fulton (503) 675-0092


“Nathan Jones was a pleasure to work with, he restored my faith in real estate agents. I would

 recommend Nathan to anyone without reservation.” Thomas Brewer, Buyer 503-804-3262

 “Nathan’s high professional standards and exceptional knowledge of all aspects of real estate helped me find and successfully conclude the purchase of a home just perfect for me.  Thank you Nathan!” Jacqueline Mroczkeiwicz, Buyer, 503-538-3199

“I  have talked to other realtors, I chose Nathan. He is the best … I trust him implicitly!  Nathan has completed several transactions for me…I know everything will be taken care of.” Kenneth Smith, Seller, 503-317-9686

“Nathan has listed several of my properties, and has proven himself through his perseverance and his honesty. He is a hard worker and closely administers a listing until it is sold and closed.” Fred W. Thielen, Seller

 10 Reasons to Hire A

Mike Ferry Trained

 Real Estate Agent

 1.   I will always tell you the truth regarding the market and pricing comparables.

 2.   I am an expert in our marketplace and I study the market statistics everyday.

 3. I aggressively look for sellers and buyers for my listings 4+ hours per day.

 4.  I deliver strong customer service and customer communication.

 5.  I follow a defined plan of action to get your home sold...I keep a rigorous schedule and track of my results.

 6.  I have the power to protect your equity by negotiating the best price for your home.

 7.  I am in a network of the most highly trained Real Estate agents in North America to attract relocation buyers for you home.

 8. I work with my Coach weekly strategizing how to sell your home for top market value in the shortest amount of time.

 9.   I constantly improve my skills by attending at least 4 intense training seminars each year taught by the #1 Real Estate Coaching Company, The Mike Ferry Organization.

10. I am committed to becoming a great salesperson … I invest $12,000 each year for a Mike Ferry Coach to help me develop my skills and hold me accountable to selling your home.


Team of Professionals:

· Nathan Jones— Principal Broker, Listing Agent

            “I’ve been in the business for 16 years now and offer a lot of things that other agents can’t.  I offer honesty, directness, a support staff, all the benefits of Prudential.  I come to the table with more benefits than I have time to talk about!”

· Lisa Pearse — Team Manager

“I diligently try everyday to run the smoothest running business in the industry. High standards, top communication, and consistent follow up are just a few of the things I’m a stickler on.”

· Sarah LaBarbera— Buyer’s Agent

· Gail Jones — Coordinator

“What can I say … I’ve known Nathan for a very long time and it’s great to have the opportunity to work with him.”

· Mark Taylor — Team Courier

“No agent can be every where all the time. Nathan has me, everyday, insuring things get done now.”

· A Word about Home Services: “Home Services puts Nathan Jones beyond reach as far as customer service is concerned!  Are you worried about all the footwork of buying and selling a home? Home Services eliminates those harmful time consuming activities!” Lisa Pearse

  Our Plan of Action